Bounder Concierge offers a highly targeted marketplace to perfectly profile potential customers. Bounder enables advertisers to place advertisements directly inside hotel rooms to reach your target market more successfully.

  • Flexible advertising tiers

  • Easily track advertisement engagement

  • Short and long-term advertising contracts


Bounder offers several advertising options to advertisers such as clickable banner ads and hot buttons, full page features, and customizable landing pages detailing companies and special offers. Choose from various advertising tiers to properly align budgets with needs. Bounder also provides an unparalelled flexibility for custom advertising design at a premium, in order to attract your target market and get you the return on investment you are looking for.


Bounder's digital platform enables easy tracking of clicks, engagement rates and conversion. We also grant you the ability to send your companies information, special offers, and/or promotions directly to your consumer’s smart phone for redemption online or at your business.

Bounder presents you many facets for advertisement so you can have multiple touch points with your target audience. Whether you are an event in town for a month, or a company that is looking to drum-up additional business, Bounder provides short-term and long-term advertising contracts. We believe in flexibility and working with our customers to build relationships and ensure we give you the best bang for your buck.