Bounder presents hotels with a platform that allows them to streamline processes and increase efficiencies within the hotel, by directly interacting with their guests. Bounder’s services are catered to the needs of each hotel, providing a level of flexibility and customization to make sure each hotel is satisfied.

  • 73% of guests seek local recommendations

  • Streamlined approach to traditional laborious tasks

  • Update content on the fly with a secure administrator dashboard

  • Gather metrics on hotel services to improve customer experience


Bounder allows more hotels to incorporate green standards by eliminating the need for in-room print collateral. Instead, Bounder Concierge provides an easily updated online admin portal that syncs all relevant hotel information with each room’s tablet interface – providing on-demand updated, current, and meaningful information to the hotel guest.

Traditional laborious tasks such as taking room service orders and reservations, making wake-up calls, placing marketing/hotel material in individual rooms, and more can be streamlined by using our platform, saving you time and money. A user will be able to inquire on these topics within a few taps of their finger, and management teams throughout the hotel will be notified through an administrative online portal as to the incoming requests.


Gathering metrics has never been easier. Now hotels are able to perceive which items are most important to their guests, such as understanding average ticket completion times, interactions, incremental revenue increases and more.

After installing in-room hardware/software, hotels experienced:

  • 18% increase on room service orders

  • 12% increase on in-room dinning checks

  • 80% more labor efficient

  • $500 per room, per month saving on printing costs

The hotel may update Bounder Concierge with its own content at a moment’s notice. Whether the hotel has an on-staff concierge, a partnership with a local venue, or wishes to provide guests with exclusive information – all of this can be simply and efficiently integrated into the application for the ultimate guest experience.